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I’ve been intensely passionate about menswear tailoring since I was a teenager. That passion inspired me to pursue a career in tailoring, and at the age of 18 I began working at a handmade suit manufacturer in Osaka, Japan.  At the same time, I also began attending a tailoring academy.

At 2004, seeking new challenges and eager to learn the classical art of Italian bespoke tailoring at its source, I moved to Florence Italy,
 I have learned a lot from many master tailoring techniques from Florence and Napolis.  Just as important as those skill and techniques, however, are the insights into the philosophy of true Italian craftsmanship that I have acquired as a result of those experiences.

At 2011, I opened Sartoria Corcos, my own atelier at 26 Via Della Vigna Nouva, Florence, Italy.  


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