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For centuries, Florence has been known in Italy and throughout the world as a town of artisans.  In actuality, however, the number of those artisans has been gradually decreasing each year.I have been blessed to be trained in and to practice the traditional Florentine art of bespoke tailoring.  Although I am just one bespoke tailor out of many, in turn I have made it my goal to help nurture and pass the traditional Florentine art of bespoke tailoring, including its culture, philosophy, and techniques, to the next generation. 


Through my job as a bespoke tailor, I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with clients all over the world.  With their support and input, I will continue to aim to make, to create and to craft ever better and more beautiful garments, and to make my own humble contribution to the art of Florentine tailoring.


Miyahira Kotaro, Sartoria Corcos                                                               



I’ve been intensely passionate about menswear tailoring since I was a teenager. That passion inspired me to pursue a career in tailoring, and at the age of 18 I began working at a handmade suit manufacturer in Osaka, Japan.  At the same time, I also began attending a tailoring academy.

At 2004, seeking new challenges and eager to learn the classical art of Italian bespoke tailoring at its source, I moved to Florence Italy,
I have learned a lot from many master tailoring techniques from Florence and Napolis.  Just as important as those skill and techniques, however, are the insights into the philosophy of true Italian craftsmanship that I have acquired as a result of those experiences.

At 2011, I opened Sartoria Corcos, my own atelier at 26 Via Della Vigna Nouva, Florence, Italy.  

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